“I made about $15,000 of my cash closing yr.” My monetary marketing consultant is earning money from the $1 million I invested along with her – although I am dropping cash. What’s my transfer?

a query: I’m a unmarried mom with 3 small children. I wish to lend a hand them with their first automobiles and pay for varsity. I might additionally like to go away them one thing after I die. I’ve a monetary marketing consultant who manages my cash, and we created projections the use of my … Read more

I plan to retire at 62. I make $1,500 a month in condominium source of revenue and feature $200,000 in financial savings. Will have to I am getting a monetary marketing consultant to lend a hand me?

a query: I plan to retire at 62. I’ve $200,000 in financial savings, and I’ve a condominium paid house with a per 30 days condominium source of revenue of $1,500. My house, the place I reside, additionally will pay off. No longer positive what to do with my financial savings. How can a monetary marketing … Read more