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Retro Kitchen Design in Pink Color


You think that white kitchen as ordinary one is boring? This is the solution, kitchen design that using pink color and retro style entirely. Almost everything in the kitchen is painted in the uniform cotton candy shade of pink. In some furniture and appliances, including a Bialetti espresso maker, stove, ’60s-era General Electric fridge, are also using pink paint and retro design. You will feel in a trendy room, not in kitchen. Retro kitchen is designed by Julie Michiels and Iker Gil, architects at Mas Studio.

Gallery of Retro Kitchen Design in Pink Color

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Trendy Kitchen Chairs from Domitalia

These small chairs are trendy to place in your kitchen. There are a lot of color choice available, so you can select any of them that match with your kitchen interior. These chairs are not only offering the trendy color, but also on their design. They are small and coming up with some trendy models.

Gallery of Trendy Kitchen Chairs from Domitalia

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