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Minimalist Stainless Steel Kitchen Design from Ernestomeda


Minimalist design of kitchen with glossy stainless steel cabinet like this one is a beautiful example of maximizing room interior. With the color combination in the floor supported with bright kitchen lighting make the kitchen versatile in its design. This is an innovative kitchen design from Ernestomeda.

Gallery of Minimalist Stainless Steel Kitchen Design from Ernestomeda

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Modular Kitchen Design – The Ergonomic Elite Sets


This is a kitchen set that called as Elite, a grove structure interior and furniture. It is a modular interior design idea for your home kitchen. The kitchen sets are designed with two major element; clean white color and wooden. Elite is a product from Tecnocucina, that you can more info about this furniture in here. The wood is furnished in natural looks; make the wood grain clearly visible to achieve strong natural characteristic. Combined with glossy white surface on the wall cabinet and strategic placement to save time of food preparation; make this kitchen design a stylish and also an ergonomic one. And here are the pictures of Elite modular kitchen design.

Gallery of Modular Kitchen Design – The Ergonomic Elite Sets

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