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Futuristic Room Interior Design from Lordship Park

Futuristic design in this house interior architecture is implemented with nice and beautiful. A clean white color theme make the house a modern style, while the curve aperture of doors add the futuristic looks of space shuttle. This is a Lordship Park, a large Victorian House in North London spread over four distinctly styled floors. In the first level, the interior is in 60’s futuristic. Featuring white, light, and cavernous space. A sophisticated, cool, disco vibe and futuristic cavernous-like look.

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Kitchen Appliance in Futuristic Design from Ged


Bring up some futuristic design to your kitchen appliance. This kitchen design is looks modern with its curve edge and minimalist shape. Futuristic and modern is not only in bright white as in spaceship movies, as this kitchen design that using light orange for the color furnishing. This is a kitchen design from Ged Cucine, an Italian company. The kitchen design is featuring the glass-topped table which illuminated from within, offering romantic ambient lighting while you sip your wine and savor your meal. The kitchen design is a nice idea for redecorate the interior to make perfect finishing touches with the ultra-modern black sink, worktop and faucet. This is a truly new experience of beautiful kitchen design. Here are some of the kitchens that design in futuristic touch.

Gallery of Kitchen Appliance in Futuristic Design from Ged

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