Your Spare Room Does Not Need to be a Storeroom

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Depending on where you live, having a spare room is either something that you take for granted or it is a tremendous luxury. Either way, most people would agree that many spare rooms, while used for guests, often end up doubling as the house lumber room. There are many reasons for this: Maybe you have a large family and as space is at a premium, so you are only able to store your stuff in that one room. Perhaps you have too much stuff and you need to put it somewhere, so it spreads into your spare room even if you are blessed with cupboards and lofts.

The main problem is that many people end up wasting this useful room because they have no idea how to store their things properly and maximize the space that they have available. The other problem is that if your spare room becomes too cluttered with junk, you may find that your guests will never return because their accommodation is so uncomfortable.

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So how can we make the most of the spare room so that it can be used as a storage room if it is really necessary and a guest room without compromising on the comfort of our guests?

  • First of all, how necessary is it to store anything in a room that you would rather set aside for hospitality? Can you downsize and clear out your clutter to a certain extent?
  • If you have no other choice, then let’s think which items are best stored in the spare room. For example, if you don’t want your visitors to know all of your personal business it is probably not a good idea to store intimate, personal papers in the spare room. The same goes for financial records. Much as you love and trust your friends, you would be surprised what people read on a long night when they can’t fall asleep in an unfamiliar bed.
  • You will probably not be storing your best furniture in the spare room. Nonetheless, if you are expecting someone to sleep there, you should make sure that it lives up to your own standards. Therefore the bed should be comfortable, with only clean sheets on it. The room should not be left in a cluttered or dirty state. Try to make sure that it is as clean and tidy as possible before you open it to your guests.
  • Related to this point is a suggestion to make your guests feel comfortable. Even if there is a little too much furniture or lumber in the room, you can still cheer it up with some cute accessories, such as a fragrant potpourri, a pretty rug, or nice-looking curtains. Maybe provide some perfumed soap and a small piece of chocolate on a small plate with a welcoming note.
  • If you have a guest who is staying more than overnight, you should make sure that there is at least enough space in one of the cupboards for hanging up clothing. There is nothing more inconvenient than living out of a suitcase!

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  • bedroom home decorating tips
  • contemporary white bedroom
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