Unusual Chair In Fancy Blossoming Flower Design

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Look at these unusual chair design, they are resemble a blossoming flower. The chair is handmade of microfiber, cleverly arranged in to a shape of flower. By using this chair, we can have the feeling of sitting in top of giant flower. These chair sets are great to creates fairy tales themes in the interior, and also good to make a room with garden layout.

kenneth cobonpue bloom chairs

This furniture is called as Kenneth Cobonpue Bloom chair. The microfiber is stretched over a resin top and a steel stand, adding strong foundation and durability to the chair. There are several colors of the “flower” which can be use simultaneously or using it in single color set. The colors are: red, green, yellow, lime green, and black. We can see the red and yellow ones in the following pictures.

lounge chair for garden theme

Seating design as these one is also nice to be use in coffee shop, or bar, to give them and elegant/exotic looks. I guess they will fit with a small rounded table.

Furniture for Fairy Tales Layout

Yellow Lounge Chair

If you like these unusual chair sets, you can browse to Kenneth for further info, as well to find more of different chair’s colors.

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  • kenneth cobonpue bloom chairs
  • Furniture for Fairy Tales Layout
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