Pocket Chair, Furniture Design with Stylish Leather Seat

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This four legged chair is so cool, it seat is designed to looks like a clothes with its pockets. Yes, pocket just as you see on the back of your pant. The seat is also has sewed lines as it is similar with the sew type on jeans pant. As we can see from the following pictures, the seat is made of leather, not from cloth. Otherwise, we will feel that we sit on someone lap, not on chair.

innovative chair for restaurants

This chair is called as Pocket chair, designed by Germany-based design studio DING3000. This sophisticated chair design is produced and distributed by Discipline. The seat is in cream yellow, matching with its natural Oak wood legs. They are water resistant material, and that makes them washable and easy to clean.

unique chair designs

The “pocket” parts are being use as legs holder. From my opinion, I think it’s good to add more pockets, bigger ones for storing books or magazines, located at the chair’s right and left side.

Fancy Pockets Sewed In To Chair Legs

oak wood chair legs

The chair is suitable to use in any room range from personal use in home to public space as lounge, bars, and restaurants. The chair will also fit for small room, thanks to the size which doesn’t take up much space. The Pocket Chair is only 48,5cm length, 60cm wide, and 78cm height.
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  • Innovative Chair for Restaurants
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