Multi Purpose Moody Couch for Any Home Needs

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With single furniture, can it be enough for multiple home needs? This kind of question is may come to our thinking when we deciding to add, or redecorate our room. As for me, I always need less furniture for my room. This is because I work at home, so practically I am always at home. I need a sofa, or chair, that suitable for watching TV, working at my home computer, and some time to sleep or nap on it. This is one of the solutions for my problem, and maybe for someone else too.


This is a seating design that called as Moody Couch, a furniture that can be use for any home needs and suitable for any mood. Just like its name, moody couch can be arranged to fit our need. The couch is designed by Hanna Emelie, visit the site for contacting and further detail info. The couch is definitely become perfect solution to have less furniture, a nice one to have in limited room space in our home. The textile covers that wrap the couch make it available to change its shape as our needs.






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