Modern Netbook-lounge Armchair Design by Rossin

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Attaching a small table top in to an arm chair is a common view, as there are lots of chair using this approach to make school / college chair. But they are looks conventional and old school compared with these chair design.

These chairs is designed so cool, they are looks like a sculptural art. We may not notice that this “thing” is actually a chair if we never seen one before. The only clue which tells us that this cool shaped thing is a chair is from the legs and by seeing other people sit on it.

Cool Furniture for Coffee Shop and Office - Modern Netbook-lounge Armchair Design

Dark Color Chair in Smooth Curvy Looks - Modern Netbook-lounge Armchair Design

Sculptural Chairs from Top View - Modern Netbook-lounge Armchair Design

This chair is called N@t armchair, designed by German designer Martin Ballendat, available at Rossin. The chair is comfortable to be use, and will become eye catching furniture in lounge room, office, or at your personal work space. There is a portion of the upper side of the chair, which can be use for netbook base. The entire chair is designed in smooth curvy looks, as the chair is inspired from a “@” shape. The chairs color are available in many choices, you can use a single color to make the entire interior looks a unity, or by using many color at once to make them even more trendy to look at.

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  • Sculptural Chairs from Top View
  • Dark Color Chair in Smooth Curvy Looks
  • Cool Furniture for Coffee Shop and Office
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