Folder Chair – Small Furniture with Functional Design

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For any small room that needs lot of furniture pieces, this functional chair model is a best choice. If you want to build or transform a room into a place which some people can gathering around together, such as musical or art class course, this furniture is a recommended option. The furniture can be use as chair, and it has medium size storage which can be use to place up to A4 paper size. Due to the flat surface of the furniture, I think it could be use for small table too.

innovative small table design

functional design folder chair

Truly is, this furniture is very useful as it can be use many purpose in your house, home office (for quick meeting/briefing room), school room, or skill course class. The chair is called as Folder chair, designed by very talented Architect Vladimir Paripovic, for the brand of Abitare.

Colorful School Table

The furniture is showing us a perfect mix of multifunction furniture and colorful design. The material of this furniture is wood bench in natural color, and 2mm stainless steel plates. The colorful side of this functional chair makes it trendy and attractive.

multifunction furniture for course class

multifunction small furniture

  • Colorful School Table
  • Innovative Small Table Design
  • multifunction small furniture
  • multifunction furniture for course class
  • functional design folder chair
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