Durable Wooden Furniture Set in Minimalist Design

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Here are furniture sets that made of wood, entirely made of it. The furniture consists of wooden tables, wooden chairs, and cabinet. The wooden tables are available in two models, the rectangle which suitable for dining table; and a rounded one, which perfect for all purposes. The chairs are available in two models too, the dining chair and a stool.

Artistic wooden cabinet

People will always want to get back to nature. Maybe because human race is begin their evolution by using lot of thing that made from nature element, either it from stone, wood, or leather from animal pelts. Maybe because of that, we sometimes get a cozy experience when we using nature inspired furniture, or when we decorate our home with naturalistic design.

wooden dining table

This wooden furniture set is called Heartwood, designed by Portland based craftsman Grant McGavin. The tables, chairs, and cabinet are made of black walnut wood. The furniture is furnished nicely, the grain and the natural shape of the furniture is looks like a nature sculptural art that bringing in to the house.

walnut wood round table nature inspired

natural furnished wooden stool

natural furnished wooden dining chair

multipurpose wooden round table

cozy naturalistic furniture

beautiful wooden log long chair

Visit heartwood-design.com for further info about Heartwood furniture.
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  • Multipurpose Wooden Round Table
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