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Futuristic Home Office Desk from Uffix


Luna is one of the Uffix product names, which specialized in home office furniture. This is one of the desk collections, suitable for office and also for personal home office. Designed in futuristic style, this desk and the others furniture is amazing. You can get futuristic home office theme and unlike ordinary office desk with the back side of the country.

Gallery of Futuristic Home Office Desk from Uffix

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Black and White of Minimalist Home Office from Porro


Home office in minimalist design and using black and white interior such this one is giving personal touch of elegant and modern. Furniture with stylish design and ergonomic construction is vital for working in home; more if you are need a timeless working time. Best design presents a variety of collections in home office furniture, furnishings, and home decorator accessories for fans of modern home design.

Gallery of Black and White of Minimalist Home Office from Porro

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Reco the Minimalist Office furniture from Manebra


This is minimalist furniture set of office room that designed to provide a large and clean interior. Some people prefer to work in a minimalist design. This is because some people need their mind focusing in specific matter, such as their work. A complete of working desk and furniture that all of them are made of thick metal steel, evoke classical elements carried out by handcraft wrought iron.

Gallery of Reco the Minimalist Office furniture from Manebra

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Home Office Design in Wooden Log Cabin


Home office design that movable in a wooden log cabin, this is what Piet Hein Eek architects made as a private working space for his friend and a musician/entertainer Has Liberg. A completely structured with wooden log like walls, this home office is very unique and attractive.

Because this mobile log cabin is movable, it can be place in backyard or any place that give comfortable feelings. The window is using glass that also wrapped in wooden log like in its outer side. It looks hidden and no one will notice that there is a hidden wood log home office from far view. Photo by Thomas Mayer [via]

Gallery of Home Office Design in Wooden Log Cabin

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Trendy and Functional Wooden Working Desk, the Airia Desk


This trendy and functional work desk for home office table is a design from Kaiju Studios. It named as Airia Desk. The stylish design and the companion Media Cabinet has the flexibility to adapt to a number of uses, from display to storage to peripheral support. This work desk that made of a solid walnut frame and peripheral surface, cast aluminum legs, and a laminated plywood work surface is perfect to place in your home office decoration as suitable wooden furniture.

Gallery of Trendy and Functional Wooden Working Desk, the Airia Desk

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