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Wood Planter with Unique Shape by Rezo Design


If you have some space in your house and you want to get a green and eco-friendly looks, it will be nice to place some small planters and pots. Here are some small planters design from Rezo Design. The planters are made of wood, and they are has unique shape design. There are lot of planter choice, range from the small and portable planter to the wall hanging one.

Gallery of Wood Planter with Unique Shape by Rezo Design

  • wooden planter
  • wood crack planter
  • unique wooden pot design
  • unique shape wood planter

Futuristic Planters Made of Ceramic


Ceramic and wood are being use as major material to made this decorative planters. This portable pot is one of the design from Tend in collabration with Jason Lane of Bells & Whistles. If you like futuristic planter design, you have to wait for awhile if you want to purchase it. Because this planter is still in concept but looks like they will be ready to mass production. This planter is nice to place at indoor garden or you can place some of these in your room corner / center to get green environment to that room.

Gallery of Futuristic Planters Made of Ceramic

  • futuristic planter white design
  • futuristic planter transparent design
  • futuristic planter for indoor garden
  • futuristic planter design

SensoWash , Modern Toilet Seat Design from Duravit


The new SensoWash toilet seat is designed by world-renown Philippe Starck for Duravit. This one is example of toilet seat with modern design. With clean white and rounded shape, make the duravit senso-wash toilet seat attractive and comfortable to sit. This is bathroom furniture that offers the most natural form of hygiene possible – cleaning with water. Also named as shower-toilet, a toilet seat design that is offers ultra-functional features without the clutter, fit for small bathrooms to get modern looks.

Gallery of SensoWash , Modern Toilet Seat Design from Duravit

  • modern toilet seat
  • modern toilet for small bathroom
  • modern toilet design
  • modern shower toilet

Garden Lamp for Ambient Light from Santa & Cole


Here is a garden lamp that will give you stylish ambient light. You can install these lamps for your garden or outdoor patio, make your night time is romantic. The light that emitted from these lamps are great to view, the will not stand out from the garden environment, but the lamp will adding warm ambient to it. The garden lamp itself is having 2700K temperature, so it will warm and brighter enough for the garden and patio. This lamp is one of the products of OCO by Santa & Cole. Here are some pictures of this stylish garden and patio lamp.

Gallery of Garden Lamp for Ambient Light from Santa & Cole

  • stylish garden lamp
  • patio lamp
  • garden lighting
  • garden lamp

Pedestal and Sink Designed in Artistic by Galassia


These pedestal and sinks by Galassia are designed in artistic shape. Nice to place in contemporary bathroom to add artistic looks. These pedestal is not too classic because the artistic only in the shape, as we can see they are finished in glossy and smooth. Thus give us slightly modern looks for the interior.

Gallery of Pedestal and Sink Designed in Artistic by Galassia

  • contemporary bathroom wash basin
  • contemporary bathroom pedestal
  • artistic wash basin
  • artistic glossy pedestal
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