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Sleek and Versatile of Wooden Bathtub by MAAX


Bathroom in modern and contemporary interior will match with this bathtub design. This is a bathtub design by MAAX. A sleek and versatile of modern bathtub that was originally constructed out of acrylic, but this particular Viaggi tub, a limited edition, that is made entirely of wood. Bathtub with luxurious design, featuring a simple and easily suited to marble, stone, glass, chrome. This sculptural centerpiece is characteristic for its clean lines and modern aesthetic. Defining an innovative new wood bathtub that is really gets back to the roots in to new level.

Gallery of Sleek and Versatile of Wooden Bathtub by MAAX

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  • sleek wooden bathtub

Elegant Black and White Bathroom Design by Noken


Elegant bathroom design that completely in black and white theme color. Elegant is featuring nicely in the furniture and interior design of this bathroom. As can be seen in these pictures below, the bathroom furniture is made in a minimalist style. Even in the wallpaper is also characterized by simple shapes and straight lines, which stripped the walls to add extra originality to the room.

Gallery of Elegant Black and White Bathroom Design by Noken

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  • masculine bathroom furniture
  • elegant bathroom design
  • black and white bathroom

Colorful LED Bathroom Faucet Lighting Design by Gessi


Complete your kitchen and bathroom interior with LED Bathroom Faucet, the Rettangolo Color, to make a full illuminated lighting. This is a collection of Colored Light faucet by Gessi that brings aesthetics and new innovation for your kitchen and bathroom interior. There are lots of beautiful color selections to make your water system fancy and attractive. You may also consider reading about Illuminated shower and illuminated bathroom lighting to complete your reference of remodeling your home. Here are some pictures of the LED illuminated bathroom faucet, note that the lighting is self powered. The light will depend of the water temperature. This will avoid useless wastes of energy and preventing the risk of scalding.

Gallery of Colorful LED Bathroom Faucet Lighting Design by Gessi

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  • illuminated bathroom faucet design
  • led-bathroom-lighting-design

Illuminated Shower Lighting from Cisal


You will get different experience with a shower such this one. This is a shower which design with illuminated lighting. Showering and bathing is not only a part of cleaning up your body but it also to get a mind refreshing with the relaxation. Escaping for awhile from your hard day activities in this illuminated shower design is a nice idea. This shower is a product from Cisal.

Gallery of Illuminated Shower Lighting from Cisal

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  • illuminated blue lighting shower

Kid Bathroom Design for Home, Kindergarten and Children Hospital


You may notice that kids are need a bathroom design that different from the adult. For your personal home interior, and also in some public space. The public space that I mention is for example in a kid section of hospital, kid store, and other place that specialize for children. Simple in design and bright color are the key to make children feel comfortable. Playful and funny design of the two color bathroom cabinets creates fresh and positive atmosphere.

Gallery of Kid Bathroom Design for Home, Kindergarten and Children Hospital

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  • kids store bathroom design
  • kids bathroom ideas
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